Henry Box School, Witney, Oxfordshire

To celebrate the 350th anniversary of the school, three windows were commissioned. Each window takes its theme from a different century.

Henry Box School

The first window for the 18th century takes agriculture as it's theme. The rural English landscape is represented by the oak leaf. The river runs through the water wheel.

Henry Box School

For the 19th century the theme is the local industry of blanket making. The mechanisation of the textile industry had a significant effect on the town of Witney.

Large colourful bobbins fill the design and threads weave their way across the design. Simple blanket stitch finishes the design.

Henry Box School

The third panel brings us into the 20th century and is inspired by technology. The panel depicts a DNA double helix spiral.

The windows are linked together by a simple band of blue glass which represents the local river Rush