Community Art

Community projects often involve children or young adults who help to create ideas for a stained glass window. My role is to inform them about the design and making process and then to interpret their ideas into a glass panel.

Being involved in a commission is a valuable learning experience for young people and can be beneficial to a community.

A recent project involved school children from year 6 making drawings about their village. These drawings were then collaged together to make a design. I prepared the glass for them to paint and then made the panel for them.

I have also worked with several A level students to help them realise their art work in glass form.

Nicola Kantorowicz

New Hinksey Primary School, Oxford

Working with a younger group of children (Year 3 and 4) they watched a demonstration of glass cutting and painting. We then worked on some tissue paper collage rose windows.

The children had already taken part in a drawing competition and four pictures were selected to form part of the stained glass panel. I used acid etching and painting to recreate their designs in glass. The panel was fitted into a window in the school hall.

Nicola Kantorowicz

Charlton On Otmoor Primary School, Oxford

The children from year 6 were asked to think about and draw features from their village which are important to them and their community. From these simple pencil sketches we worked as a group to create a collage which contained each child’s drawing.

I then cut pieces of glass which the children could decorate with glass paint. Back at the studio I fired the painted pieces and then put them together to make the panel. Placed in the new hall which is also used by the village, the new panel expresses the children’s view of their village.