Church Commissions

Designing for the Church is a rewarding and challenging experience. It is a journey shared with the client as the theme and content of the design are developed. I work towards producing one design for the project. Theological content is the most important part of the developing design and the new window should reflect a sense of spirituality.

A new window must be sympathetic to its surroundings, taking into account existing windows in the church. Yet it should also be a living work of art contemporary with our time.

The designs I create are semi abstract, using colour, light and symbolism to express spiritual concepts in a contemporary fashion bringing the commission concept to life and creating a window which is accessible to the viewer on many levels

The projects illustrated explore different themes and are a response to the commission brief, the architecture, the light and my artistry.

Green St Green Chichester Kessingland Marsh Baldon Gt COxwell Canterbury

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